Crissy Broadcast was performed in Crissy Field (map), part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. There were three performances on October 26 and 27 that were free and open to the public.


Two panel discussions took place between performances #1 and #2 on Saturday, October 26th and the Fort Mason Chapel. They were free and open to the public. 

Roundtable 1
Orchestras and Engagement
1:00 - 2:00 PM
In today’s day and age, arts organizations must rely on creativity, reinvention, and innovation in order to bring their music to the masses. This panel discussion explores how orchestras are redefining themselves, and their relationship to the public, in order to reach different communities and thrive in a constantly changing musical world.


  • Lisa Bielawa, Airfield Broadcasts Composer and Artistic Director
  • Lolly Lewis, San Francisco Symphony’s Community of Music Makers Program Administrator
  • Aaron Jay Kernis, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Composer
  • Steven Schick, Artistic Director of the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players, Music Director of the La Jolla Symphony Orchestra, and Crissy Broadcast Artistic Advisor

Moderator: Robert Kirzinger, Boston Symphony Orchestra Assistant Director of Program Publications

Roundtable 2
The Making of Airfield Broadcasts
2:00-3:00 PM
Coordinating 800 musicians, learning German on the fly, partnering with the National Park Service, working remotely around the globe: Making Airfield Broadcasts has been filled with highs and lows, peaks and valleys, challenges and victories - and awesome rewards. Hear from members of the Tempelhof and Crissy Broadcast project teams in Berlin and San Francisco who helped realize these massive undertakings.


  • Lisa Bielawa, Airfield Broadcasts Composer and Artistic Director
  • Marc Kasky, Airfield Broadcasts Director for Civic Engagement
  • Jennifer Katell, Crissy Broadcast Project Manager
  • Jule Kauert, Tempelhof Broadcast Project Manager
  • Rik Malone, KDFC Music Director and Evening Host and Crissy Broadcast Musician
  • Fred Plassman, Airfield Broadcasts videographer
  • Malte Schiller, Tempelhof Broadcast and Crissy Broadcast Musician
  • Mortiz Sembritzki, Tempelhof Broadcast and Crissy Broadcast Musician

Moderator: Jeffrey Freyman-Weyr, Producer and Host of KDFC's The State of the Arts