About Crissy Broadcast


Crissy Broadcast is a 60-minute sonic-musical work by composer Lisa Bielawa, designed to engage multiple musical communities in San Francisco. More than 800 professional, student and amateur musicians brought the piece to life, performing without amplification on the historic and breathtaking Crissy Field, part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

The nature of Lisa Bielawa’s new work is in keeping with the definition of the word broadcast, “cast or scattered in all directions.” Musicians began in the center of the field and dispersed outwards according to instructions given to them in the musical score, coordinated only by synchronized watches and long-distance musical cues. Some players moved in clusters, and others will spread out in long chains. Some groups were instructed to stay close to each other for a certain duration, and to then peel away. Listeners in the park were able to choose how to hear the pieces, deciding where to move as the musicians dispersed. Traveling on foot or by bicycle, they were able to take in several different points of view from throughout the field over the course of the performances.

Crissy Broadcast was performed had three performances on Saturday, October 26 and Sunday, October 27.

Performances were free to the public, taking place around and among the regular public uses of the park.


Lisa Bielawa has been active in New York musical life since 1990. She is Co-Founder of the MATA Festival, Vocalist of the Philip Glass Ensemble, 2009-10 Rome Prize winner in Musical Composition, and was Composer-in-Residence of the Boston Modern Orchestra Project from 2006-2009. Bielawa was appointed Artistic Director of the acclaimed San Francisco Girls Chorus in 2013.

Her work Chance Encounter has been performed in transient public spaces worldwide. Ms. Bielawa’s discography includes A Handful of World (Tzadik 8039); In medias res (BMOP/sound 0017), a double-disc set of Ms. Bielawa’s solo and orchestral works; and Chance Encounter (Orange Mountain Music 7004).


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